The ANIBORGZ want to rebuild a unique community, so it’s time to write history together, along with those cybernetic animals.

It will start with a “FREE TO MINT” collection only for the community.

Their motto is:




The beginning

It all started with a massive black hole in the galaxy and the impact of a mysterious asteroid that nearly extinguished all of humanity.No one knows how this started or why, this extreme energy discharge from the black hole propelled an asteroid of a new nature, crashing on the earth and bringing a new element called IRRADIUM, that became a technology of a nature and power that seems limitless, and that changed the course of the Aniverse. Humans are threatened with extinction and the animals became an evolved species, with increased intelligence and strength. This evolution allowed them to adapt to this new environment, endowed with a form close to that of humans, able to use irradium as cybernetic equipment and with attributes specific to the nature of their developed race. Animal is back at the head of the food chain, but IRRADIUM also gave birth to new heroes: THE ANIBORGZ



The Aniborgz are discovering their new nature, and also have a creative spirit now. Fashion and branding is an exciting topic and they intend to be the first animals to achieve intergalactic fame. They are ready to stand out in the Web3 space and in the physical world


Stay on guard aniborgz, the king kaiser has a powerful persuasive power. His painful past has taught him to become the master of his destiny and that power is taken by force. With a hunger for power, and with his extensive exposure to irradium, King Kaiser has decided to become the master of the Aniverse to be the one to rule all you.

Don’t let him mess with your mind, don’t follow him, those who show affection and devotion to kaiser will be blacklisted. But kaiser already has a strategy in place to reward his most loyal companions…

be smart It’s fRee &

Join us right now!

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